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Giving Tuesday: Prevent Orphans!

It’s Giving Tuesday! Making sure every child is part of a permanent, loving family is one of the most important things in the world. Let’s remember this cause on this day of generosity, and all other days! Let’s turn our extra, however small, into somebody’s enough! There are about 8 million precious children are inContinue reading “Giving Tuesday: Prevent Orphans!”


Global Food Crisis 💔

I just read that the food crisis going on now is the most severe crisis since World War 2! The really heartbreaking thing is how children in poverty face such dire effects from food shortages like this. There are 149,000,000 children who are chronically malnourished, which is about one in 5, worldwide. Worse, 3,100,000 childrenContinue reading “Global Food Crisis 💔”

Help Fund Sclerotherapy for Zavria!

Zavria is a three year old who lives in the Philippines. She has a lymphangioma (non-cancerous, fluid filled cyst) and her family is in need of assistance in paying for the Sclerotherapy to treat it. You can help this sweet family by donating Here! From the fundraising organization, Maya’s Hope: “Children in the Philippines whoContinue reading “Help Fund Sclerotherapy for Zavria!”

Surgery for Ada

Maya’s Hope is raising funds for an emergency surgery for a baby named Ada. Ada has Spina Bifida and hydrocephalous, and needs early intervention, so she can be healthy! Ada’s mom’s salary is only just enough to pay for diapers and formula, and a surgery is way out of reach. Baby Ada should have easyContinue reading “Surgery for Ada”

Children’s Day

In honor of Children’s Day, I want to share that you can help a child in poverty or at risk of being separated from their families. You can sponsor, give a one time donation, or just share to raise awareness! Compassion International works to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name, through partnering with localContinue reading “Children’s Day”

Sponsorship Saturday: Asly and Yazmin!

Update: Right before I published this, I realized that between drafting and publishing this, Asly got a sponsor. Yay! Welcome to Sponsorship Saturday (on Monday today:)), where, every Saturday, I hope to highlight one or more kid living in poverty and in need of sponsorship, in hopes of finding sponsors for them. Please share theseContinue reading “Sponsorship Saturday: Asly and Yazmin!”

Help Baby Chelsea!

Update: There’s a new fundraiser for Chelsea that has been added since I posted this (she may have already gotten the supplies from the last time), so I’m updating the link. On the newest page, there is an adorable updated picture of her! I don’t know if anyone remembers when I posted about a fundraiserContinue reading “Help Baby Chelsea!”

Nhyiraba and Gabriel Need Sponsorship (Sponsorship Saturday)!

Welcome to Sponsorship Saturday, where, every Saturday, I hope to highlight one or more kid living in poverty and in need of sponsorship, in hopes of finding sponsors for them. Please share these posts so that many people can become aware of people living in poverty and hopefully take action! Sharing is so easy, butContinue reading “Nhyiraba and Gabriel Need Sponsorship (Sponsorship Saturday)!”

It’s World Health Day!

Today’s World Health Day! Take a quick look at Maya’s Hope, which provides basic needs (food, wheelchairs, medicine, etc…) to kids with special needs in Ukraine and the Philippines, and Compassion International’s page on World Health Day! I wrote a more detailed post about health and poverty here, if you’re interested in learning more. Also…Continue reading “It’s World Health Day!”