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A Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift

If you’re looking for a sweet, meaningful gift for a loved one, or simply a way to spread the love, read on! Actually, giving to children’s heart surgeries can quite literally prevent them from becoming orphans! Love Without Boundaries has a runing list of fundraisers that you can visit HERE for urgently needed heart surgeriesContinue reading “A Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift”

Remember Baby Ada?

I posted a few months ago about a fundraiser launched by an orphan prevention organization for a little girl named Ada in need of an emergency surgery, which her mom was unable to afford the high costs of. Thanks to y’all, she was able to receive her surgery! Go to the update section here toContinue reading “Remember Baby Ada?”

Help Fund Sclerotherapy for Zavria!

Zavria is a three year old who lives in the Philippines. She has a lymphangioma (non-cancerous, fluid filled cyst) and her family is in need of assistance in paying for the Sclerotherapy to treat it. You can help this sweet family by donating Here! From the fundraising organization, Maya’s Hope: “Children in the Philippines whoContinue reading “Help Fund Sclerotherapy for Zavria!”

Surgery for Ada

Maya’s Hope is raising funds for an emergency surgery for a baby named Ada. Ada has Spina Bifida and hydrocephalous, and needs early intervention, so she can be healthy! Ada’s mom’s salary is only just enough to pay for diapers and formula, and a surgery is way out of reach. Baby Ada should have easyContinue reading “Surgery for Ada”