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Jasmine Update!

After I finished writing Jasmine’s at 0, I checked Macc… And saw something exciting… Her picture was NOT at the bottom of the tree with a 0. Someone gave her grant $40!!! Just as muc as the money, it means someone sees! Someone cares! Two someone’s now, probably! Yesterday, someone added 25! $65 in herContinue reading “Jasmine Update!”

Help Fund Sclerotherapy for Zavria!

Zavria is a three year old who lives in the Philippines. She has a lymphangioma (non-cancerous, fluid filled cyst) and her family is in need of assistance in paying for the Sclerotherapy to treat it. You can help this sweet family by donating Here! From the fundraising organization, Maya’s Hope: “Children in the Philippines whoContinue reading “Help Fund Sclerotherapy for Zavria!”

Surgery for Ada

Maya’s Hope is raising funds for an emergency surgery for a baby named Ada. Ada has Spina Bifida and hydrocephalous, and needs early intervention, so she can be healthy! Ada’s mom’s salary is only just enough to pay for diapers and formula, and a surgery is way out of reach. Baby Ada should have easyContinue reading “Surgery for Ada”

Help Veronica and Family!

Short and sweet today. Just wanted to share… Maya’s Hope is an organization that assists families in poverty who have children with special needs. Their financial support is important to the cause of keeping these families together, as there is no government assistance for these families in the countries where Maya’s Hope works. One ofContinue reading “Help Veronica and Family!”

Maya’s Hope

The reason that kids live without families should not be that their families simply cannot afford to meet their kids’ basic needs, but all too often, it is. I want to share Maya’s Hope, an origination that helps to keep vulnerable families together! When you think about orphans, you may think of helping as adoption,Continue reading “Maya’s Hope”