Last Call For Jasmine’s MACC!

As you may remember, I've been using this blog to try to advocate for Jasmine, a wonderful, loveable teenager who is blind and autistic. She's living in a children's home and her best option for a loving, permanent family is through international adoption. A pic of Jasmine, looking up and laughing. However, she is running… Continue reading Last Call For Jasmine’s MACC!


“November Geese” in Oil Pastels

Here is an oil pastel scene I recently did. I did this really fast, and was not basing this on any pictures, so it was... interesting. 😉 I wanna just mention that there are two lovely young women waiting for families through adoption. They both live in a South Asian country. Content, silly, dress-up loving… Continue reading “November Geese” in Oil Pastels


Sponsorship Saturday: Ike, Hope and Summer!

Welcome to Sponsorship Saturday, where, every Saturday, I hope to highlight one or more kids living in poverty and in need of sponsorship, in hopes of finding sponsors for them. However, for Sponsorship Saturday to accomplish it’s purpose, I’ll need your help! Please share these posts so that many people can become aware of people… Continue reading Sponsorship Saturday: Ike, Hope and Summer!