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“Green”- April Wordprompt

WordPress’s wordprompt for April is “green”. So here are my peas. Pea’s are my favorite. Not just to eat, but to grow. They are the first I ever had excess of, as an aspiring gardener, who read every book on the subject, spent hours tilling, watering, and checking, only to have a dead, fried gardenContinue reading ““Green”- April Wordprompt”


1 Year!

Officially one year yesterday, since I set up Clara’s Corner and posted my first post! I’ve definitely enjoyed writing this blog, and I hoped you’ve also enjoyed reading! If you are a reader of Clara’s Corner: thank you so much!! I know every blogger says it, but I wouldn’t be blogging if you weren’t readingContinue reading “1 Year!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good For his steadfast love endures forever Let the redeemed of the Lord say so Whom he has redeemed from trouble –Psalm 107:1-2 Happy Thanksgiving to my readers! Check back on Giving Tuesday (the 30th)! Credit for these stunning pumpkin photos goes to my brother:).

In My Garden…

I thought I’d share some pictures of what’s in my garden right now! Here is my squash. I loved how big the plants grew, as well as the fact that I actually got some squash out of them, for the first time! Just tiny squashes, but lots of them! It’s since slowed down, but forContinue reading “In My Garden…”

Scripture Art on Bookmarks: Part 3

Generally I just do art art, but a few years ago, I started doing some word art, and had a lot of fun with it! I’ve enjoyed making Scripture bookmarks, and enjoyed it! They also make fun and easy gifts, especially for the not so “gifty” people in my family that are hard to comeContinue reading “Scripture Art on Bookmarks: Part 3”

Sponsorship Saturday: Xiao, Zi, and Man!

Update 4/1/2022: Xiao, Zi, and Man’s sponsorship pages have disappeared from Holt’s website. Welcome to Sponsorship Saturday, where, every Saturday, I hope to highlight one or more kids living in poverty and in need of sponsorship, in hopes of finding sponsors for them. Please share these posts so that many people can become aware ofContinue reading “Sponsorship Saturday: Xiao, Zi, and Man!”