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World Water Day 2023!

Well, I thought it was the 21st… turns out it’s the 23d.:) Happy World Water Day anyways! I’m sharing World Water Day in hopes of spreading awareness of opportunities to combat the fact that so many people do not have acess to clean water. It’s a pretty big deal. 800 children die every day becauseContinue reading “World Water Day 2023!”

Can Anyone Help Repair Ruslan’s Foot?

I’m sharing a link to a post from Wide Awake International. They are an organization that works towards de-institutionalization of people with disabilities in Ukraine. They’re searching for someone to help them repair a congenital deformity of the foot on one of their friends (he can easily get a visa to the U.S. if needed),Continue reading “Can Anyone Help Repair Ruslan’s Foot?”

Landscape in Acrylic

Sharing a landscape drawing, based on a nature trail area near my house. And well, gotta say, I think this confirms that I am not a landscape artist! Any tips from landscape artists? Also, if anyone thinking about adoption to be reading- would you consider adopting an aging out child? “Tatum” and “Jasmine” are bothContinue reading “Landscape in Acrylic”

A Happy Post

I was going to share Love Without Boundaries’ 7 Days for 7 Hearts campaign earlier, but never was able to. It was so heartbreaking to hear of how many children this nonprofit has watched wait too long for heart surgery (because of money) and became inoperable. Precious little live cut short. This campaign was tryingContinue reading “A Happy Post”

Last Day for Nolan to Find an Adoptive Family

Today is the last day for Nolan to find an adoptive family. Please consider stepping up for him today! Inquire or learn more Here: If you can’t, please share in hopes that someone else will! Nolan is 15. Those who know Nolan describe him as sensitive, incredibly sweet, and a big helper. He’s aContinue reading “Last Day for Nolan to Find an Adoptive Family”

A Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift

If you’re looking for a sweet, meaningful gift for a loved one, or simply a way to spread the love, read on! Actually, giving to children’s heart surgeries can quite literally prevent them from becoming orphans! Love Without Boundaries has a runing list of fundraisers that you can visit HERE for urgently needed heart surgeriesContinue reading “A Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift”

“Nolan” is in Need of an Adoptive Family Right Now!

This is Nolan’s last week to find a family. 😟 If you’re in the adoption process, or may be able to move quickly, and could even consider making Nolan your son, please reach out for more info. Single parents can adopt from this country! India, UK, Canada, and US families can adopt, probably others, butContinue reading ““Nolan” is in Need of an Adoptive Family Right Now!”

Remember Baby Ada?

I posted a few months ago about a fundraiser launched by an orphan prevention organization for a little girl named Ada in need of an emergency surgery, which her mom was unable to afford the high costs of. Thanks to y’all, she was able to receive her surgery! Go to the update section here toContinue reading “Remember Baby Ada?”