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Verse of the Week

“But he was peirced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed.” I think it’s really cool that of all gods of all religions, Jesus is the only one who came to earth to suffer and die, to give hisContinue reading “Verse of the Week”


Urgently Calling Adoptive Families!!

Are you in process for or considering adoption? Read this!! This post is for you! A child needs a family THIS WEEK, before she will lose the opportunity for adoption, and probably family. 15 year old “Molly“- she’s such a wonderful young woman! She lives in a group home and needs a family who canContinue reading “Urgently Calling Adoptive Families!!”

The Giving Guide — What Lara Wrote

The heat in our home recently broke during what happened to be the first freezing week of the season. We had to wait a short time for it to be fixed, but it was so uncomfortable that I was counting the days until the repair. In the meantime, we dressed in layers, consumed lots of […]Continue reading “The Giving Guide — What Lara Wrote”

Giving Tuesday: The Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign!

It’s Giving Tuesday! Today is a day of generosity, a day to turn our extra into someone else’s enough. This Giving Tuesday, consider giving to or spreading the word about this way to help children in orphanages and group homes find loving, permanent families! Honestly, making a way for these children to leave institutions isContinue reading “Giving Tuesday: The Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign!”

Giving Tuesday: Prevent Orphans!

It’s Giving Tuesday! Making sure every child is part of a permanent, loving family is one of the most important things in the world. Let’s remember this cause on this day of generosity, and all other days! Let’s turn our extra, however small, into somebody’s enough! There are about 8 million precious children are inContinue reading “Giving Tuesday: Prevent Orphans!”

Inspirational Quote By Marilynne Robinson: “There’s so much…” — Short Wisdom

Today’s quote is reblogged from Short Wisdom. Thanks to Elena for this quote! Do you want a writing job where you can earn $20 – $35 per hour? Click for more info! PS: If you enjoy my content, I will think of you while drinking my coffee. – BuyMeACoffee And if you are interested inContinue reading “Inspirational Quote By Marilynne Robinson: “There’s so much…” — Short Wisdom”

Verse of the Week

Happy Thanksgiving! This verse is basically the whole of Christianity in a sentence, and would probably be at the top of my thankful list… While we were still sinning, not acknowledging, even rebelling against God, our creator, he sent his beloved son to take our punishment, and even bring us to be his kids! Crazy,Continue reading “Verse of the Week”