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Help Fund Sclerotherapy for Zavria!

Zavria is a three year old who lives in the Philippines. She has a lymphangioma (non-cancerous, fluid filled cyst) and her family is in need of assistance in paying for the Sclerotherapy to treat it. You can help this sweet family by donating Here!

From the fundraising organization, Maya’s Hope: “Children in the Philippines who live in extreme poverty lack access to quality healthcare. They are often denied assistance and are unable to afford necessities to improve their quality of life…Maya’s Hope helps disadvantaged children living in poverty and helps provide hope by instilling value and purpose in each child.”

If you can help out, it would be much appreciated. This little girl and her family deserve better than to go without just because of money! If you can’t donate, I hope you will consider re-blogging or otherwise sharing. Thanks for reading!


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My blog is a platform for sharing my art, crafts, and, most importantly, advocacy for vulnerable children, and more! I'd be honored if you read some of my posts, or follow along!

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