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Surgery for Ada

Maya’s Hope is raising funds for an emergency surgery for a baby named Ada. Ada has Spina Bifida and hydrocephalous, and needs early intervention, so she can be healthy! Ada’s mom’s salary is only just enough to pay for diapers and formula, and a surgery is way out of reach. Baby Ada should have easy access to quality medical care, and not have to miss out on the best care because of money! Currently $942 is raised of the $6,715 that’s needed. That seems overwhelming, but every bit helps! Ada needs surgery right away, so Maya’s Hope is trying to raise funds quickly! If you are able, please consider taking a moment and giving $5 or $10. Maya’s Hope is a reputable organization, so all of it will go to Ada’s care costs. Link to give is here! Thanks for reading!


Published by clararidings

My blog is a platform for sharing my art, crafts, and, most importantly, advocacy for vulnerable children, and more! I'd be honored if you read some of my posts, or follow along!

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