World Health Day

Today’s World Health Day! So why am I posting about World Health Day?

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Well, World Health Day is often used to share about how people can be healthier. That’s certainly great and necessary, but stop a moment to remember the people who can’t easily get the health care they need, like many of us, especially Americans, can.

Did you know that half of the world’s population doesn’t have access to essential health services? Half are at risk of malaria. Two million infant deaths a year that could be prevented by expanding access to existing vaccines.

In many low-income countries, convenient access to rapid medical care is not the norm. Minor illnesses become life-threatening, especially to children.

From Compassion International’s page on World Health Day: “All children deserve access to the health services necessary to ensure their well-being…

Without proper medical services, a child can get caught in a repetitive cycle of sickness that impedes healthy development…

When children are healthy, they can participate in life. They are able to play, grow and learn. They can attend school and church. They can become who God made them to be…

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About 100 million people are still being pushed into “extreme poverty” . . . because they have to pay for health care.” 1 A cyclical pattern of sickness and debt takes hold, making increasingly important health care less and less attainable. Ultimately, low-income families have to go without health services to economically survive, at the expense of treating long-term health problems.”

Access to, and the ability to afford quality medical care is extremely important. Besides the obvious effects of going without care, constantly struggling with health makes it extremely difficult for people to build better lives, and get out of the cycle of poverty.

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I hope you’ll hop over to Compassion’s page on World Health Day, to read more about this issue!

If you want to do something to help, in honor of World Health Day, I hope you’ll consider a donation to help someone afford medical care! Raising awareness also helps, if you can’t give, or want to do more! You can share this post or this page, from Compassion International!

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There are lots of places you can give, but here are a couple I love:

Maya’s Hope (Your Donation will be used to provide necessities to kids with special needs in Ukraine and the Philippines.)

Compassion International (Donations from the page I’ve linked will help provide kids in poverty with medical care. Compassion works in many different countries.)

Thanks so much for reading, and please remember to share!


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