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World Water Day 2022!

I know I’m on a break from blogging, but how could I miss out on a chance to shout out for World Water Day today?!šŸ™‚ I believe that World Water Day is very important. Why? For one thing, 800 children die every day because of unsafe water. That’s reason enough, but that’s not even considering lack of water, and malnutrition caused by lack of water. And there’s more. Can you imagine not knowing if you will be able to get a safe drink when you need one? Try. Because over 2 billion people- real people who matter, real people just like us, not just numbers or pictures- do not have access to safe drinking water.

Even if these people do end up getting water, not having easy and consistent access can be harmful. People should not have to be stressed by any level of insecurity that they will get the water they need. Lack off clean water affects more than health and well being. When people, especially kids and young people, have to go great lengths for clean water, it can take up enormous amounts of their time and energy, and not getting education for a better livelihood is a big risk. If it takes so much to just survive, then how little room must there be to thrive?

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Lack of clean, sustainable water keeps people living in poverty. Lack of clean water affects people’s futures. That’s just drinking water, not to mention water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, animals, and more. I highly encourage EVERYONE reading this post to quickly visit this page on World Water Day from Compassion International to educate yourself further.

Please share this post, because just more awareness can help with this problem. Please consider donating to provide water filters here, water wells here, and other sources of clean water here. I’ve linked to Compassion International campaigns, because I believe that they’re a good organization, but Compassion is certainly not the only place working to provide sustainable sources of clean water for those who need it, so if you have objections to Compassion or prefer somewhere else, by all means, do a bit of research and find somewhere else to donate to. Let me know your favorites in the comments! Thank you all so much for reading, and spread the word!

ā¤ Clara


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