Help Ukrainian Children with Special Needs!

Tragically, the Russian invasion of Ukraine will doubtless have devastating effects on children with disabilities and extra medical needs, as well as their families.

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I wanted to share with you guys a wonderful way to help with this need! Here is Maya’s Hope’s emergency fundraiser for kids who have disabilities and their families. In light of the war in Ukraine, they will need extra funding to keep helping people.

They are a very reputable organization that has worked for years in Ukraine and the Philippines to meet basic needs of kids with special needs. It’s often difficult for families who are already living in poverty and sometimes have little support to afford the extra expenses of medicines, formula, diapers, wheelchairs, etc. for their kids.

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Maya’s Hope provides families with these necessities, so the children can stay with their families, instead of having to live in institutions, just because of poverty! This is so important, and becomes moreso daily!

The more funds Maya’s Hope can raise the better, as they have many families they help, and would love to help even more! If you can, please consider a donation of any size. Even if you can’t give, please do pray for Ukraine, especially vulnerable and orphaned kids. Also, please take the time to share this post, or share the fundraiser. The more people who know about this, the bigger the impact to keep children with disabilities in their families! Sharing is free, quick, and so easy, but it makes worlds of difference. Thank you so much for your consideration, and thank you for reading!!

❤ Clara

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